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Tuscany Travel Guide
Umbria, Montefalco

Discovering Montefalco

Montefalco is famous everywhere as the land of the wines known as Sagrantino di Montefalco. It was thanks to Arnaldo Caprai -the most important wine cellar in the area- that these wines began to be sold in stores all around the world. Montefalco is not only synonym of good wine, since the roots of this wonderful medieval land date back to the Roman times and then to the Middle Ages.

Religious tourism is another important feature in Montefalco. Saint Francis of Assisi used to come here very often, since it was here where Chiara was born. Chiara was a very good friend of his and was beatified and buried in this town’s Cathedral, a minute gem of the Medieval Gothic.
Nowadays, Montefalco still keeps its medieval look. The town is surrounded by impressive walls and two access gates: one of them facing south, and the other facing north. In the upper part of Montefalco, the beautiful medieval Cathedral and the main square emerge. It takes just a couple of hours to go around this town, but remember that the stop at the Cathedral and the Franciscan cloister is a must.

The entire town is focused mostly on tourism, so those handicraft lovers will be able to buy the fantastic fabrics of Montefalco, as well as some wine and olive oil from local producers. There are also very good restaurants and wineries to taste and enjoy the regional products.
You will also find an exquisite place and prices quite reasonable for lunch and dinner at the restaurant called El Alchimista, situated in the main square.
Montefalco offers many folk activities and events during the summer -in the months of July and August-, when the Montefalchese August is celebrated with different parties every day of the week.

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