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Villa Bianca | 12 people | Near Florence | From 7650 €/week
Villa Bianca is an ancient castle in Tuscany whose origins date as far back as the Thirteenth century. Built besides the Francigena Way that used to lead pilgrims from Canterbury and all over Europe to Rome, nowadays the castle preserves its commanding merloned tower. Altogether with the villa, the tower has been carefully restored to become a unique holiday retreat immersed in the heart of Chianti. So wonderful that even Julia Roberts has chosen the castle as her personal retreat in Tuscany.

Podere Chianti | 10 people | Chianti Classico | From 3100 €/week
Between the medieval small towns of Castellina and Radda in Chianti, which are situated in the heart of Tuscany, a few km to the north of Siena, is located this outstanding Country House in Chianti. The property comes from the 18th century and is placed on a hill top, at a height of 600 metres ca. From the country house guests can enjoy some amazing panoramic views. The house is entirely surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and woods.

Villa Montalcino | 8-14 people | Near Montalcino | From 3500 €/week
Villa Montalcino is surely one of the most beautiful villas in tuscany located just two kilometres away from the small and amazing top hilled town of Montalcino.
This luxury villa for rent in Tuscany stands between richly coloured rows of vineyards and a wheat golden land in the most charming countryside spot of the superb territory of Val D’Orcia (the Orcia Valley) which has been declared World Heritage by the UNESCO.
Villa Scannagallo| 9 people | Near Cortona | From 5600 €/week
Villa Scannagallo is a charming consierge villa. Unusually Tuscan, it offers services that suite the most demanding vacation needs. With an infinity pool and blissful surrounds, it offers a unique interior solution that spouse modern and Tuscan rustic for a warm and functional ambience.
Villa Eucalyptus | 10 People | Elba Island | From 2576€/week
The access to the private road leads to Villa Eucalyptus on the Elba Island. The road unwinds towards the sea and the private exclusive beach furnished with sunbeds, parasols, a beach volley field, a restaurant and bar, lounge chairs, a scuba diving club, and a lifeguard on duty. The Villa is immersed in an oasis of absolute peace and nature. The pinewoods and Mediterranean bushes surround the area shading the villa from the sun and scenting the air with mirth, eucalyptus, and rosemary.
Villa Michelangelo | 10 People | Near San Gimignano | From 3600 €/week
Villa Michelangelo, an ancient and wonderful farm house, built on the XVII century, is nowadays a splendid country residence, which has been completely and carefully restored. Conserving its original splendour, it offers any sort of modern facilities and conveniences.
Villa Lucia | 10 or 14 people | Chianti Classico | From 4200 €/week
Villa Lucia is a wonderful Tuscan villa situated in the hub of the Chianti territory, in a short distance from the celebrated small towns of Barberino and Radda in Chianti. The Villa, surrounded by olive groves, is located in a mediaeval hamlet. The splendid Villa combines all the requested qualities as to be considered the ideal residence to whom wishes to live an unforgettable experience in a Villa located in Chianti, without giving up conveniences and luxury.  
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