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Discovering UMBRIA

Umbria is a landlocked region that sits in the centre of Italy with an incredible variety of places of interest and landscape beauties, and it certainly is one of the most beloved lands by the Italian people.

The sum of all history, culture, art and gastronomy that this land gathers will cause a special effect on those who decide to choose Umbria as their holidays’ destination. As a matter of fact, it is not easy to understand the reason why this splendid region has not received yet the deserved recognition as a relevant tourist point of international interest.

Fortunately, many tourists have been travelling from the neighbour region of Tuscany to Umbria, and in their way they pleasantly discovered a myriads of places that this unique land has to offer: scenic university cities like Perugia, pilgrims’ religion centres such as Asis, singular settlements like the one of Gubbio and beautiful locations as Spoleto, Spello or Todi, among many other points of interest.

Besides, the arrival of many low-cost flights to the Perugia airport has greatly contributed to ease the access to set off for Umbria. That's why it is most certain that in a few years time Umbria will be one of the most preferred options for numerous travellers all over the world. Furthermore, Umbria presents a great infrastructure of accommodations which shows that they have everything necessary to face without inconvenience at all this important challenge.

The landscape of the region is characterized by its unevenness: gentle hills or high mountains configure the constantly changing scenery where every range of the green could be found. Certainly, it’s not a mere coincidence that Umbria is well known as “Italy’s green heart”.

The given name of Umbria has its etymological origin from the ancient word “Umbri” which was the name of the first tribe settled on this territory in the 6th Century B.C. The Etruscan civilization, bitter enemies of the Umbri, invaded the region between the years 700 and 500 B.C. Years later, the Romans defeated them and conquered the region. Their settlement left behind numerous traces of historical testimonies of those times, perfectly recognisable in many towns and villages of the area. For example, in the beautiful and majestic Gubbio there is a Roman theatre.

Nowadays, there are lots of evidence present in different Umbrian locations where the most interesting and vast history of this central region of Italy can be found. There are many places worth visiting due to its cultural interest or because of singular characteristics like sightseeing winding roads which travel across the landscape connecting many towns. For example, departing on a ride from Perugia to Gubbio is an absolute gift for the senses thanks to the beauty of the surroundings which can be enjoyed during the journey. Without a doubt, Umbria is a precious jewel waiting to be discovered.

If it happens to be necessary to highlight some of the places that the visitor should not miss, the list would be headed by the incredible Perugia, a university city plenty of life. In July, it takes place one of the most outstanding appointments of the international musical scene: the UMBRIA JAZZ FESTIVAL, one of the best moments of the year to discover the city in all its magnificence (the winter edition of this festival takes place in Orvieto). With its majestic cathedral and its nice steep narrow streets, this beautiful destination is ideal to enjoy good music and an exquisite gastronomy characterized by delicious meat dishes.

Everyone who travels for the first time to Umbria should not miss visiting other places such as Foligno, Asis, Montefalco, Spello, Spoleto, Todi or Lake Trasimeno.

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