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risotto porcini recipe

Recipe of the Month: Risotto ai funghi porcini

This month we propose one of the favourite dishes of Italians, and especially of Tuscans, even though we must remember that this traditional dish is originally from the north of Italy. The original recipe is made with the variety “funghi porcini” and we can use the mushrooms or dried “funghi porcini” we find in grocery stores. The origin of risotto is humble and related to country lifestyle but its preparation is elaborate. The most important thing we have to take into account to prepare a good risotto is to choose the right rice, preferably the “arborio”, which is porous round grain rice and which is very rich in starch. This richness in starch contributes to the creamy texture of the dish. Also, we have to remember that to prepare a risotto it is always important to stir all the ingredients very slowly with a wooden spatula. A good risotto must be just slightly firm, forming undulations when we move the saucepan.

Ingredients (serves 4 people) 300 g. mushrooms (or 50 gr. dried funghi porcini) 400 g. rice A half of a big onion (finely cut) 1,5 l. chicken stock (hot) Olive oil 2 tablespoons butter Grated Parmesan cheese Salt, pepper and and nutmeg (to taste)

Preparation: Lightly fry the mushrooms in a saucepan for 5-10 minutes. When they become golden brown, add very finely cut onion. When all these ingredients are uniformly fried, add the stir well for 1 minute. Then, add a ladle of hot chicken stock and keep stirring. As the rice starts to absorb the chicken stock add another ladle and so on until you have added all the chicken stock. When the chicken stock has almost boiled off, add butter and grated Parmesan cheese, a pinch of salt, pepper and nutmeg. Stir the ingredients until you get an optimal consistency and serve immediately.

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