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The Christmas Table in Tuscany

The table in a Tuscan home is not neglected as everyone plans a sumptuous Christmas lunch!
Usually the lunch consists of consist of appetizers, pasta, meat dishes, vegetables, cheese and fruits, and desserts all cheered by the fabulous Tuscan wines.

The traditional dishes are usually composed of game: stuffed pheasant, wild boar, fried rabbit. Truffles are also a common addition to the menu. Soups are carefully prepared with broth made with chicken and with tortellini pasta.
The main course usually is a meat dish, either in the form of game, roast pork or at times lamb.
You can also enjoy seafood. This is of course more common the closer you get to the coast.

Let’s not forget the delicious desserts. There’s the 'panforte', the 'panpepato', 'ricciarelli' and 'cavallucci' from Siena, in addition to 'pinolata' and the all-present trio of 'panettone', 'pandoro' and 'torrone'.

Christmas in Tuscany, like all over the western world, is the time that everyone gathers together. No Christmas meal is complete without family, friends and guests making the phrase, ‘the more the merrier’.


Christmas Menu - The Tuscan Christmas Table
Tortellini in Brodo (Broth Tortellini)
Faraona con Mele (guinea fowl with apples)
Panettone (dessert)

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