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In the principal door entrance there are carved four episodes of St. Martin’s life, while in the tympanum of the right door is carved “The Decapitation of St. Regulus”. In the left door are engraved “The Annunciation”, “The Nativity” and “The Adoration of the Magi”, while in its tympanum there is the splendid “Entombment of Our Lord Jesus Christ”.
All these works of art were created by the illustrious Gothic Tuscan sculptor Nicola Pisano (1220-1278) between 1260 and 1270.

The lower section of the huge and far above the ground bell tower (69 meters) was built of different coloured travertine marbles, while the higher section is of genuine Tuscan bricks.

In the lower level of the Campanile the windows have only one arch, while in the upper levels the arches are gradually augmenting arriving at five.

The features of the indoors of the present Cathedral were mainly given during the 14th and the 16th centuries, being afterwards reinstated in the 19th century.
The large central nave sided by aisles and two-aisled transepts were rebuilt into Gothic style in the 14th century, while the glorious semicircular apse at the east end is the original one from the 11th century.
The wonderful stained windows were designed in 1485 by the well-known Pisan painter Pandolfo di Ugolino.

On the right, at the fifth column there is the wonderful pergamo (pulpit) created by the famous Renaissance Lucchese painter, woodcarver, architect and engineer Matteo Civitali (1436-1502) between 1494 and 1498.

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