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Hot Spring Tuscany


Tuscany affords beautiful and elegant spas which make an interesting offer for all those who wish to enjoy special holidays and relish the therapeutic benefits of the thermal waters in the region.
The main spas in Tuscany are:

Bagni di Lucca
Famed for its springs of hot water which contains sulphur and salt. It was a fashionable spot among the members of the upper echelons of society of the last part of the 19th century when illustrious visitors such as Byron and Shelley chose it as destination of their holidays. Although it is not the most famed spa in Tuscany at present, it still keeps its elegant atmosphere and the charm of the times of its utmost splendour.

Bagni Vignoni
It is an old thermal town situated to the south of Tuscany which features three thermal waters in which to enjoy the qualities of the immense pools surrounded of ravishing sceneries. The town of Bagno Vignoni is a few kilometres of Pienza, a seductive and charming town which gives some of the most beautiful insights into the Tuscan geography.

Bagni San Filippo
In this beautiful town along the road connecting Pienza and Abbadia de San Salvatore there are five springs of sulphurous waters containing important healing properties, which make one of the most visited thermal health resorts of Tuscany. There is a variety of accommodations in the region which frequently fill with travellers anxious to enjoy the benefits of this “magical” waters.

Chianciano Terme
This town is characterized by the healthiest weather in Tuscany. It has been since the Roman times a setting to enjoy curative waters in really luxurious health resorts. It has become a destination for travellers from all around the world. Those who decide to visit Chianciano Terme will be able to relish the interesting history of the area filled with Etruscan vestiges and where excavations unearthing interesting findings are still carried out

Montecatini Terme
It is the largest and most famed of the thermal spas located to the west of Pistoia. This spot of renowned international fame, of elegance and sumptuous luxury as to facilities was constructed by the Grand Duke Leopold of Tuscany in the 18th century and since then this spa has kept an intense social activity and a continuous flood of visitors who enjoy the benefits of the thermal waters of the region and the famous and healing mud baths. It is, by far, one of the most spectacular and luxurious spas throughout Europe.

Termas de Saturnia
They are located in the province of Grosseto, in one of the most loved areas by the inhabitants of Rome who frequently choose this region of Tuscany as destination of their holidays. Saturnia is a modern spa in which to relish curative waters, swim in thermal ponds or relax in its cascades of hot water. In fact Saturnia is an ideal place in the winter months, when the number of visitors declines and the heat of its waters can be enjoyed amidst unique beautiful sceneries.

The great variety of thermal waters of Tuscany is an excellent option for those who wish to spend their holidays of relaxation, for those who prefer to have a break along the way in their long holidays and devote some day of their stay to the dolce far neinte.

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