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To be able to enjoy Tuscany it would be perfect to have long time and to be able to slowly “taste” each village, scenery, town, museum and church…..without leaving out any of the corners that this splendid region gives.

In any case, and back to every day reality, there are not so many who can afford indefinite time and most people have to organize their outstanding trips and sometimes combining long weekends, expected holidays or short getaways of 3 or 4 days.

For those who are thinking of enjoying Tuscany in a “concentrated” way we have prepared some short itineraries to know some regions in a few days, without leaving out the most beautiful symbols and places which can give them a great insight into the area and its wonders.

Those who are thinking of travelling to the north area of Tuscany can organize a short getaway in which to visit Pisa, Lucca and Firenze. In this case we are talking about a very intense cultural visit in which the traveler will be able to enjoy the beauties of Pisa, the welcoming Lucca and the always marvelous Florence.

Who affords a few days and flights to Pisa or Florence should take advantage of a weekend, a stay only in Florence (its offer at all levels is endless), or two full days in Florence and then one day to visit the most outstanding places of Pisa (the arch-famous Leaning Tower and the majestic Piazza dei Miracoli) and the ravishing Lucca in which its photographed and suggestive Piazza Central is highlighted. For those who wish to maximize their time we recommend that they should purchase the entrance tickets both for the museums of Firenze as well as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. They can be obtained via internet, as it will avoid queuing and save time, which is always welcoming.

For those who wish to devote these few days of time off to know little villages and sceneries, which literally take your breath away we would like to propose another itinerary which embraces some of the main towns of the south of the region.
In this case the airport of Perugia would be a suitable arrival point, as well as the airport of Rome with its varied offer of timetables and fares makes a perfect destination for those who travel to Tuscany.

The itinerary for those charming villages could be organized in the following way:

One day to know the towns of San Gimignano, Monteriggioni and Siena. Monteriggioni and San Gimignano could be visited in the morning and Siena in the afternoon. Those who afford additional time could visit the enchanting Volterra.
San Gimignano is no doubt one of the most visited and loved towns of Tuscany. Its beautiful medieval towers indisputable symbol of the town make the landmark of one of the prettiest places in the region, which makes a must destination for those who are organizing a trip. Monteriggioni, a very little walled town surrounded by beautiful Tuscan sceneries, can be visited briefly and is a spot that deserves it. Siena, with its fantastic Piazza del Campo, is a town which needs a visit of several days to get to know it well, but anyway you need to visit it at least for a few hours and get lost in its steep narrow streets which end in the central Piazza del Campo where you can enjoy a good coffee relishing the magnificent sight of the Tower of Mangia.

The second day of this short getaway would include the cinematographic Arezzo and Cortona, the first of them location for the Oscar-awarded and unforgettable “La Vita e Bella” and which you have to visit for its beauty as well as for the cultural jewels it treasures. Cortona, also cinematographic, has been location for shooting one of the films which most visitors to Tuscany have seen: “Under the Tuscan Sun”. This little Tuscan town, located high in a hill, is a true gem whose visit is almost a must for the city itself as well as for the spectacular sceneries which surround it.
For the third day we recommend a trip including Montepulciano, Pienza and the marvelous sceneries of Valdorcia. Montepulciano, with its beautiful central square and its historic wine cellars, is a ravishing place in which to enjoy good food and the excellent wines in the area. Pienza, a little town with marvelous sights, is visited in a few hours and is a really unique place. The roads of Valdorcia which connect this towns give panoramas of Tuscany which will take the breath away of the traveler who will be stunned by the perfect beauty of sceneries which no postcard is able to capture in all its magnificence.

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