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Tuscany May

Discover Tuscany during May long weekend

Tuscany is a wonderful land at any time of the year. However, one cannot deny that May and June happen to be a magical moment to visit the area because it is when the beautiful landscapes reach their maximum splendor.

Nowadays with the great variety of options to travel to Tuscany it is possible to organize yourself to enjoy a long weekend like that of May 1, and to spend fun holidays in a land which has all the elements to satisfy the needs of each and every traveler. For the lovers of places rich in history, for art lovers, who want to get lost in the most stunning museums, for photography lovers, who want to immortalize the most amazing landscapes, for good cuisine lovers, for those who want to enjoy their holidays with their families surrounded by the most wonderful nature...Without forgetting shopping lovers.

Tuscany offers a great variety of “outlets”, from the most outstanding Italian fashion brands. Shopping lovers will undoubtedly enjoy the wide offer of these big malls, where they will be able to acquire luxury items and clothes from the most notable international fashion designers such as Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci, Prada, Armani, Roberto Cavalli, etc.

During the month of May Tuscany also offers the possibility of visiting the fascinating exhibition called Arte, Genio e Follia (Art, Genius and Madness), in which the splendid complex Museal de Santa Maria della Scala in Siena brings together over 300 works of art by great masters of art and literature. Journalist Vittorio Sgarbi has been the creator of this particular and interesting cultural initiative, which tries to discover the connection between masterpieces of the history of art with psychiatric disorders that have tormented many of its authors throughout their lives. This connection between art and madness gives rise to a unique exhibition which is worth visiting as it is home to unique works from different museums in all Europe. Some other activities those who are traveling to Tuscany next May can enjoy are the following:

Events in Tuscany during May and other news:

May 1- MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL in PISTOIA- “Pescia Medievale 2009”. Medieval crafts and trades are recreated in the most characteristic places in the city. The celebration includes itinerary shows, polichinelas, “sbandieratori”, medieval battle shows, medieval market, as well as tasting of local products. For further information

Popular Festival in BRACCAGNI-GROSETTO – On May 1 one of the most important folkloric celebrations takes place in Tuscany. From 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. important folkloric groups of the region will take place in the event. Besides listening to music, the visitors will be able to indulge in tasting delicious products from Maremmana gastronomy.

MOSTRA DEL CHAINTI in Montespertoli- Held from May 21 to May 23. The 52nd celebration of the “Mostra del Chainti”, one of the most awaited events in the gastronomic and wine panorama. More than 30 wine producers from the Florentine territory of Chiani are the protagonists of the gathering. Musical shows, tastings, surprises…Guaranteed fun in the heart of the land wine.

ART, GENIUS AND MADNESS IN SIENA- An extraordinary exhibition will be on at Complex Museal de Santa Maria della Scala de Siena until May 25, 2009. The exhibit illustrates the fascinating and so close relationship between the artistic production and the madness many of the world genius suffered throughout their lives. The exhibit called “Art, Genius and Madness.” read more in…

Besides, as this month is a summer shopping month, we have included an article about OUTLETS IN TUSCANY, read more in…

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