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On 3rd August the celebration of the 7th edition of the “Tuscan Sun Festival” begins in Cortona.

This marvellous and beautiful medieval Cortona fulfils all the key requirements to justify a deserved visit on a trip to Tuscany. During the “Tuscan Sun Festival” visitors and locals find all the glorious splendours of Cortona that many have written about and the town “lives” a unique and unrepeatable moment to stroll around its narrow atmospheric streets and enjoy the numberless cultural activities that throughout the week concentrate in this jewel of the region.

Many of the followers of our newsletter have certainly seen the film “Under the Tuscan Sun” shot mainly on location in Cortona. The film mirrors perfectly the beauty of its sceneries that captivate the protagonist in such a way that he decides to move in Tuscany from the USA and settle in this splendid town. Interestingly enough, Frances Mayes, author of the book that inspired the famous film is also one of the co founders of this prestigious international festival. The businessman Barrett Wissman and the violinist Nina Kotova were the other two passionate worshippers of Cortona that together with Mayes decided to create this cultural event framed by the luxury of Cortona.

The first edition of the “Tuscan Sun Festival” was celebrated in 2003 and as editions were increasingly sought after year after year, the festival has grown in importance as an unavoidable gathering of the art world and has incorporated a wide variety of events giving this festival prestige at international level.

What started being a music and cultural festival has turned into an event that embraces art exhibitions, gastronomic gatherings, wine tasting, poetry and literature readings. The festival is crowned with unforgettable performances in the concerts that take place in the majestic Teatro Signorelli in Cortona.

The idea of combining good music, culture, culinary specialities and exhibitions proved a grand idea whose success originated the creation of a “twin” event in another town also surrounded by hills and vineyards: Napa Valley in which since 2006 the “Sun Festival” is celebrated.


The fortunate ones who in the summer are nearby Cortona cannot but visit the town and take part in at least one of the events that are offered. There are concerts that have to be paid and other free live gigs, therefore the festival caters for all tastes and budgets as alternatives are not missing.

If last year one of the star guests was Robert Redford who recited unforgettable lines of poetry, this year the great British actor Anthony Hopkins will be the undisputed star in the “Tuscan Sun Festival”. However, he is not invited as an actor but to present one of his most unknown facets, as Hopkins will exhibit some of his best paintings.

This multi-faceted actor, who also devotes himself to composing, started painting in 2004 and so far his works have been praised by critics who have recognized his talent. Some pieces of art will be exhibited in Cortona from 3rd August on. On 7th August the actor will be interviewed in the Teatro Signorelli at 9 pm.

For more information about the whole program of the festival and all details visit the following link:

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