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Tuscany Travel Guide

traveling to tuscany

How to get to Tuscany

Reaching Tuscany is an easy whatever the means of transport you chose to travel by. As the number of travellers beckoned by the beauty of the region has increased more and more, the offer of transport has also developed it to make transport to any part of the region more quickly and more comfortable each day.

By plane:

Tuscany affords two international airports where all the airlines from any part of Europe fly. They are the airports located in Pisa and Florence. Although, geographically speaking the airports of Rome and Perugia are not part of Tuscany, they make two perfect alternatives to arrive in Tuscany.

Taking into account that the traveller has four airports operated by low cost, scheduled and chartered flights, the offer is evidently ample and can fit every budget, taste and need as to dates and timetable.

The following are some of the airlines flying to Tuscany, besides the scheduled flights arriving at the international airport of Rome:

By ferry boat:

The ports of Livorno and Civitavecchia, both equidistant from the center of Tuscany, are the two departure points for those who relish a quiet journey by ferry boat. This option is advantageous for it allows taking your own car with you, which is essential when it comes to travelling the many marvellous corners of regions of Tuscany
For more information refer to:

By car:

Beyond the departure point, travelling by car is a comfortable option as cars are a must for Tuscan holidays, as we have already recommended. Tuscany affords excellent facilities as to highways and dual carriage ways, and travelling is easy in the road network. Besides, there are wonderful areas and sceneries that can only be reached by car (or motorbike), places that cannot be missed by any means, such as the sweet and inviting roads of “Crete Senesi” or the wonderful road to Pienza giving spectacular views of Tuscan cypresses …among many other unparalleled vistas.


By the way, as gas stations in Italy do not follow the same opening times as the rest of Europe, reason why they may close on public holidays, at night, etc., it is recommendable to spend fuel wisely.

Travelling around Tuscany

Once you get to Tuscany, those who do not afford their own car, trains and regular buses leading to the different cities and villages are the best way to discover the region. Generally, from the cities featuring train stations there are connecting bus services to interesting sites which do not afford railway stations of their own, as for instance the case of Volterra.

For more information on the timetables and railway stations refer to:

It is important to remember that the ticket has to be validated in the machines on the railway station platforms, otherwise travellers may be fined.


The Tuscany Travel Blog

If you have recently visited Tuscany or you would like to visit Tuscany we now offer the Tuscany Travel Blog Here you have the opportunity to share your experience, request information or impressions to other customers, and also become an author of the Blog yourself!

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