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The Olive Picking Season begins in Tuscany

The Olive Picking Season begins in Tuscany

This year is going to be a good one for olive production in Tuscany, as the region has produced 25-35% more compared to last year. Looking at the olive history in Tuscany, we know that the Middle Ages was the period in which the olive production began to grow, as during that time it was widely promoted in the region through laws and regulations belonging to the statutes of cities and towns.

The first significant olive groves were mainly in the Florence and Siena territories, from there they were extended to the rest of Tuscany. Obviously the increase in the number of groves became a thriving oil industry, and with it the need to sell and market the oil in the neighboring cities. Olive tree increased and got intregrated into the Tuscan landscape, becoming a very special element which is clearly linked to the most beautiful images of this famous land. The steady increase in these groves has contributed in shaping the wonderful landscape between Florence and Siena, one of the most loved places in the region for all those tourist travelling through the area. Among the various events to commemorate the gathering of olives we would like to highlight the one that is held in the medieval village of Montisi, in the heart of the beautiful "Crete Senesi" (le Crete Senesi is an area of Tuscany, south of Siena, which comprises a series of hills and woods between villages of the province and which make up one of the most beautiful Tuscan countrysides that must not be missed).

In Montisi, located 15km from Pienza, 20 km from Montalcino and 25 km from Montepulciano, the event called "Il primo e olio altro ancora” will be held from October 31 to November 2 . Throughout the weekend you can taste the first oil production from 2008, enjoy the delicious culinary specialties of the area (like the delicious white truffles), and participate in guided tours of the mills as well as in oil tasting courses.

More information: For those who will be enjoying a Tuscan holiday in a Villa or Country House do not miss the opportunity to acquire some bottles from the owner’s oil production. The oil is really special, handmade and has nothing to do with all the oils that we find in supermarkets.

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