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arte genio e follia


The extraordinary exhibition “Art, Genius and Madness” will be on at Complex Museal de Santa Maria della Scala de Siena until May 25, 2009. The exhibit illustrates the fascinating and so close relationship between the artistic production and the madness many of world genius suffered throughout their lives.

The day and night of the artist originates from the idea of the famous Italian journalist Vittorio Sgarbi, and it is the first initiative of this kind in Italy that aims at studying and analyzing the relationship between the artistic production and madness. Van Gogh, Kirchner, Munch, Ernst, Dix, Grosz, Guttuso, Mafai, Ligabue… are just some of the artists whose work is shown in this interesting exhibition, which is home to over 300 works of painting and sculpture, some of which are of great emotional impact, and which come from the most important museums in Europe such as: Museo d’Orsay, el Musée National d’Art Moderne, el Centre Georges Pompidou de Paris, el Museo del Prado de Madrid, el Kirchner Museum de Davos, la Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna de Roma, la Pinacoteca de Brera y la Bibiloteca Nazionale Braidense di Milano.

The exhibition, which tries to approach and go deep in the relation between psychiatric disorders and artistic production, has been divided into six different sections, which are being supervised by notable characters both from the world of art and psychiatrics. The main objective of this exhibit is to search into, to dwindle in “the world of the artist” through their masterpieces, without putting aside the historical perspective, and to study, from the artistic, scientific and medical points of view, the relationships between the “art-genius and madness.”

Among the wonderful works of art that make up the exhibition we would like to highlight “St. Paul’s Hospital, St. Remy,” by Van Gogh, handed over for the occasion by the Musée d´Orsay de Paris, “Self Portrait with Red Scarf” by Ligabue, or the works of Max Ernst, present at the exhibit, together with other surrealism artists’ work such as those by Masson and Victor Braunner. A place of special impact in the exhibition is the room which hosts seven busts of natural size, which reflect inimitable and exasperated facial gesture, work by Messerschmidt.

Likewise, the section which approaches art as the primary expression of the unconscious through the works of Henri Michaux is worth mentioning. The exhibition: “ARTE, GENIO, FOLLIA. IL GIORNO E LA NOTTE DELL’ARTISTA,” will remain open every day until May 25 from 10:30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. The same ticket enables you to visit the exhibition: “La lente di Freud una galleria dell’inconscio.” at the same opening hours and at the very same complex Museal de Santa Maria della Scala. For further information about the exhibit:


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