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The Arezzo antique market fair

The Arezzo Antique Market celebrates its 40th Anniversary

The most visited antique market that arouses most passion among antique dealers and collectors is the one held in the beautiful city of Arezzo. One of the most filmed cities in Tuscany (Roberto Benigni shot many of the scenes of his celebrated film “La Vita e’ Bella in the Tuscan city) gives us the chance to enjoy a unique market in an incomparable scenario. Even though the city already deserves a visit for its undeniable cultural interest (Vasari, Piero della Francesca, Cimabue, among others, left a trace of an important artistic legacy), the market’s celebration becomes the best opportunity to be amazed by a unique event during our Tuscan holidays. The very beautiful Piazza Grande holds the first Sunday of the month what is, without doubt, the most prestigious antique market in Italy.

Over 500 exhibitors from all over the country flood the spectacular Piazza Grande with their products, and in that square, in which it seems that time has stopped, they offer their best antiques, books, furniture, handicrafts, musical instruments, coins, stamps, cameras,etc. The most amazing thing is that despite the unusual frequency of this event (every week), the market does not lose its interest; quite the opposite, since the number of visitors still clearly goes up and each week brings together around 30,000 attendees.

From Piazza Grande and stretching across the surrounding narrow streets the Antique Market is a center of attraction you cannot resist. A direct effect of the market’s great success is that the city’s restoration workshops and antique shops have multiplied. In 1968 when the antique dealer and collector Ivan Bruschi decided to create the antique market, Arezzo had 15 antique shops. Nowadays there are 100. Visiting the market during this time of the year, you will avoid the tourist crowds that, literally, invade the city in summer season and this is another incentive for winter tourism. Please click below to see more related information about the 40th Anniversary of the interesting and unique Arezzo Antique Market, an unforgettable experience

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