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antiquari fortezza da basso firenze



From March 14th to March 24th 2008

Address: Viale Filippo Strozzi, 1
                50129, Florence

Opening hours:

- Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 3 pm/10 pm
- Friday: 3 pm/11 pm
- Saturday: 10.30 am/11 pm
- Sunday: 10.30 am/20 pm


The second edition of the antiques fair as above in Florence, organised by “The Fines Arts Group” from Turin with the collaboration of the homonymous society in Florence, will be held from March 14th to March 24th at the imposing exhibition complex hosted in the colossal Fortezza da Basso, built up in the 16th century by will of Alessandro de’ Medici, first Duke of Florence, which is an ideal location both for the exhibitors and visitors.
The fair represents a focal event for the antiques trade as in Italy as abroad, given that the capital city of Tuscany is considered as one of the most select antiques markets in Europe.     
The “Antiquari alla Fortezza da Basso” will count with more than one hundred important exhibitors and collectors coming from everywhere in Italy, as well as from other leading antiques markets in the world, like Belgium, France, Spain, United Kingdom and USA.
The fair will display pieces from the highlight artistic periods and schools from the 19th century, including paintings, prints, sculptures, furniture, jewellery, glassware, ceramics, etc. All of them carefully selected and tested by a team of experts, in order to warrant their authenticity.
This event intends also to satisfy the needs of all the purchasers and dealers, offering too a great choice of original pieces accessible for lovers of art who have not an unlimited budget. 
Among the initiatives make stand up a remarkable exhibition of China’s treasures with about eight hundred antiques pieces of art and two hundred bronzes created by the most prestigious Italian artists from the 16th century.

The “Fortezza da Basso” is located at a short distance from the Santa Maria Novella central railway station, as wells as from the most representative monuments and shopping area in Florence.
The fortress was built up between 1534 and 1537. Its design was commissioned from the illustrious Florentine architect Antonio da Sangallo “Il Giovane” by Alessandro de’ Medici, while the work was conducted by da Sangallo himself with the collaboration of the eminent Umbrian architect Pier Francesco da Viterbo.
The fortress - which was formerly called “Fortezza di San Giovanni” after the patron saint of Florence, is usually known as “Fortezza da Basso”, so to distinguish it from the other one situated at San Giorgio: the “Forte Belvedere” - was wanted by the Duke of Florence not only to protect the city from its external enemies, but also to control the internal troubles caused by the citizens of Florence in those years of tumultuous political upheaval and, by the way, to have a safe refuge for the Medici family in case of revolt.
The impregnable “Fortezza da Basso” is a jewel of the military Renaissance architecture, so to be considering one of the principal citadels in Tuscany. It shows a pentagonal plan with massive bastions bristling with turrets, plenty of winding passages, secret passages and parapet walks. On the top of the ramparts rises the arresting keep, including “Porta Faenza”, which is one of the main gates located in the old circle of fortified walls in Florence.
Currently, the fortress is the most vast exhibition site in the capital city of Tuscany. It has an area of 34,000 square metres and uses to hold the principal exhibitions and trade fairs in Florence. Some of the former rooms have been ideally restructured to host art exhibitions and conventions. In the last century there have been built within the walls of the fortress other art spaces, like the Cavaniglia Pavilion or the Spadolini Pavilion, designed and constructed in 1974 by the well-known Florentine architect Pierluigi Spadolini (1922-2000).
The “Fortezza da Basso” offers several additional services for the exhibitors and visitors, as well as a very good restaurant and a comfortable cafeteria and self-service lounge.


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