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Tuscany March 2010


The marvellous Tuscany uninterruptedly organizes the most varied cultural, artistic and gastronomic events targeted to the travellers journeying the region. Therefore, they will be able to relish the wealth of this land that never lowers its guard in the coldest months , and organizes all kinds of events that nobody planning a trip to Tuscany in the following weeks should miss.
For those enviable lucky people starting 2011 with a trip around Tuscany, DIVINO VILLAS 's staff have chosen the following events:

SIENA GUITAR FESTIVAL – On 4th January, the "SIENA GUITAR FESTIVAL" will take place in the marvellous Complesso Museale di Santa Maria della Scala in Siena. A musical event in an unparalleled backdrop for all those travellers staying in Siena to enjoy the best music in a unique setting. This interesting show brings together seven talented guitar players offering their best performances ranging from blues to classical music or folk to jazz. A special and ideal evening for those relishing unsurpassed Siena.
The concert will take place in the Sala del Pellegrinaio of the Museum.
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SAPORI ETRUSCHI IN SARTEANO – The charming town of Sarteano (in the province of Siena) organizes the event "Sapori Etruschi" whose venue is the Museo Civico Archeologico of Sarteano on 5th January 2011. Different tasting sessions of the Etruscans' typical flavours, a civilization whose vestiges are widely spread in Tuscany, will take place, thanks to the collaboration of the movement "Slow Food" from Montepulciano. The attendees will experience an interesting and exquisite gastronomic trip in time.
To attend the event, reservations are compulsory. For more information:

FESTA DELL'EPIFANIA A MONTEVARCHI – The town of Montevarchi, in the province of Arezzo, ends its Christmas celebrations on 6th January with a series of events and activities devoted to Epiphany also known in Italy as "della Befana". On 5th and 6th January travellers who have included this beautiful Aretini town on their Tuscan itinerary will be able to attend different performances conceived especially for the little ones. Their main character is the undisputable good "Befana" (the witch) who fills with sweets and sweet things the Italians' houses every 6th January.
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EXPOSITION "CIEN AÑOS DE ALFA ROMEO" – The lovers of Italian cars and automobile history will undoubtedly enjoy this exposition taking place in the Centro Espositivo St. Art de Calenzano (Firenze) until 16th January 2011. The exposition displays unique Alfa Romeo cars in a museum devoted to the four-wheeled world and in particular to the world of ALFA (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automovili). This company later on added ROMEO to the trade mark from engineer Nicola Romeò who joined the company in 1915. An interesting journey along Italian cars' history for cars enthusiasts as well as those wishing to learn more about one of the most important companies Italy has given birth to.
Opening times: Every day from 4.00 to 7.00 p.m. Saturday and holidays from 10.00am to 1.00 pm and 3.00 to 7pm.
Entrance fee: 5,00 €.

PALIO DELLO STUFATO – On 16th January the "Palio dello Stufato" will be celebrated in San Giovanni Valdarno (Arezzo), a delectable gastronomic event, ideal for the lovers of a good table and devoted to "stufato" (estofado), a dish originated in the poor class and which is today based on a secret recipe only known by the cooks of the area.
A jury formed by journalists, gastronomic critics and some attendees will choose the most delicious stew among the ones prepared for the competition.
A unique occasion to taste one of the Tuscan specialities in the coldest months that turn stew into a perfect dish to beat winter's harsh cold.
Entrance ticket: 20 €, which allows the attendees to taste 8 kinds of stew, accompanied by a selection of local wines and regional products.
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We hope these pieces of information will be useful for the lucky traveller planning a trip around Tuscany in the following weeks.

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