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Overview of Casentino

Casentino is a vast unspoilt and protected Tuscan territory. Its safeguard is managed by the Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi”. The Park’s area lies on the northern Appenine crest between Tuscany and Romagna, covering 36.000 hectars of land.
The institution has settled a comprehensive register of different structures which have to accomplish ecological requirements in order to continue improving citizens and visitor’s facilities and particularly to concern the environment. Because of, its woods are probably the largest and best preserved in all Italy and house a rich variety of flora, like fir, oaks, beech, and chestnut trees as well as a big deal of different plants making stand out a splendid kind of orchids which nowhere else can be found. The fauna is a rich assortment of wildlife, like wolves, foxes, deer, wild boars, golden eagles, and nearly 100 bird species.

The river Arno has its source on the slopes of Monte Folterona, at 1.654 m. above the sea level, in the north of Arezzo’s province. The river and its innumerable streams are running down in the area, generating amazing waterfalls which together with the mountains surrounding Casentino’s valleys are giving to this land the appearance of a large and wonderful plentiful green basket.

The human presence in Casentino comes back from ancient times and the villages, towns, defensive structures, as well as the remarkable religious sites there located have been built up along its history in perfect harmony with the landscape, trying always to preserve its natural masterpieces.  

So the main features of Casentino are its dense wild forests, its valleys, its numerous and pretty localities, plenty of history culture and art, as well as the marvellous spiritual sites which keep on being the destination of thousands of pilgrims and visitors coming each year from everywhere in the world.

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Main Towns of Casentino


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