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Holiday Apartment Tuscany, offers in this page its superb selection of luxury hotels, suites in villas and bed and breakfast in Tuscany. All these accommodations are close to importants locations that represent the true spirit of Tuscany. All owners are selected to be customer oriented and able to make their guests feel at home. As usual only the best from Holiday Apartment Tuscany.
luxury hotel cortona B&B Poliziano | 6 Bedrooms | Near Montepulciano
B&B Poliziano The cozy and cheering B&B Poliziano is strategically close to the most enchanting historical landmarks such as Siena, Assisi, Pienza, Arezzo, Florence and Perugia, offering at the same time the unique experience of being in the heart of the Tuscan landscape which is so world renowned for its arts, food and wine. Set on a small hilltop, B&B Poliziano overlooks the rolling hills of Val di Chiana and is strategically close to historical landmarks.
luxury hotel cortona Villa Cortonesi | 15 Bedrooms | Near Cortona
Villa Cortonesi is an unexpected surprise just around the corner from Cortona. Sitting amidst secular trees atop a hill and surrounded by peace and relaxing views, Villa Cortonesi enjoys wonderful views of town of Cortona. Although very private and quiet, the villa is walking distance to town and public transportation routes. In Cortona you will discover a small but vibrating cultural center rich with museums, events and excellent restaurants. A true jewel in Tuscany not to be missed.
tuscany hotel villa valdarno Villa Valdarno | 10 Bedrooms | Near Florence
Villa Valdarno is an inviting luxury hotel situated amidst the Chianti hills and the Arno Valley near Gaiole in Chianti and Montevarchi. This luxury hotel in Tuscany provides very sofisticated and soft-toned suites. The unique restaurant is set in a lovely ambient decorated with warm tints and soft linear design.
tuscany B&B villa Montepulciano Villa Montepulciano | 9 Suites | Near Montepulciano
Villa Montepulciano is a tuscany luxury hotel situated few kilometers from the Medieval village of Montepulciano, south of Siena. The villa is an example of Tuscan architectural recovery where the details of Tuscan style are harmoniously spoused with a modern concept of luxury hotel.This Montepulciano Luxury Hotel was built over the ruins of an Etruscan villa in a wonderful place from where you can enjoy incredible views.
tuscan B&B valdichiana Villa Valdichiana | 9 Suites | Near Montepulciano
Villa Valdichiana is an elegant little luxury hotel situated few kilometers from Montepulciano. The Villa is an example of architectural recovery where modern art details are harmoniusly mixed with Tuscan original style.
countryside hotel tuscany radda Radda Hamlet | 7 Suites | Near Siena
An antique Etruscan settlement, Radda Hamlet's original foundations date back to the year 2,500 B.C. Later inhabited by Roman settlers, it then became the fortified rockfort for those troups battling in one of the longest Medieval wars between Siena and Florence. The original Romanesque church at Radda Hamlet is the oldest construction still intact dating back to the year 1100. Eventually abandoned, it recently restoredand it is now one of the most beautiful countryside hotel in tuscany
B&B Montichiello tuscany Villa Montichiello | 4 Suites | Near Montepulciano
Villa Montichiello sits on a marvellous hill covered with olive groves and vineyards. The panoramic swimming pool offers commanding views of the surroundign countryside. At the side of the large pool is a comfortable relax room to read or nap between a swim and a sunbath. The land around this B&B in Tuscany offers 16 hectars for your free enjoyment. The closest cities are Montepulciano (8 Km) and Chianciano (2 Km) where you can find anything from shops to resturants, museums, and thermal spas.
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