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Ask for travel insurance when booking with us. Your peace of mind is priceless!

For just 5% of your booking price you can insure the entire cost of your rental in Tuscany.

Keep your peace of mind, travel safely insuring your vacation in Tuscany with Divino Villas.

Summary of guaranteed causes

1. Serious sickness, serious accident or death of:
- First or second degree ancestors or descendents.
2. Serious losses which affect the usual and/or secondary residence of the INSURED PARTY or the professional locale.
3. Employment dismissal of the INSURED PARTY.
4. Entry into a new work position at a different company.
5. Summons as Party, Juror or Witness to a Court of Justice.
6. Summons as member of an Electoral Board.
7. Appearance at official Civil Servant Exams held through a public organisation after signing the Policy.
8. Cancellation by a travel companion who subscribed the same type of service, as consequence of any of the causes described in the policy.
9. Expenses for ceding the journey and/or stay purchased by the INSURED PARTY to a third party.
10. Acts of aerial, terrestrial or naval piracy which make it impossible for the INSURED PARTY to begin or continue his or her journey.
11. Theft of documentation or luggage which makes it impossible for the INSURED PARTY to begin or proceed with his or her journey.
12. Knowledge, after purchase of the reservation, of the tax obligation to carry out a parallel statement of income whose amount to be liquidated exceeds 600 Euros. 13. Breakdown or accident of the vehicle which is owned by the Insured Party or his or her spouse, which absolutely impedes the initiation or continuation of the journey.
14. Refusal to grant visas for unjustified causes.
15. The forced transfer from work for a period of over 3 months.
16. The unexpected call for surgical intervention.
17. Complications of pregnancy or miscarriage.
18. Medical quarantine.
19. The official declaration of a disaster area in the place of residence of the INSURED PARTY or in the destination point of the journey.
20. The obtainment of a trip and/or stay which to similar to that purchased, but in a cost-free manner, by public lottery and certified by Public Notary.
21. The police detainment of the INSURED PARTY for causes which are not criminal.
22. Summons for divorce proceedings.
23. Delivery of a child into adoption.
24. Summons for organ transplant.
25. Concession of official grants and scholarships.
26. Any sickness or accident incurred by the Insured Party whose age is less than 2 years old.
27. Death of a family member with a third-degree relationship.
28. Summons for appearance and signing of official documents known and notified in writing after the reservation of the journey.
29. Legal declaration of suspension of payments or bankruptcy of a company.
30. Extension of an employment contract notified after the signing of the Policy.


The maximum limit of the indemnity shall be the total price of the reservation (4.000 MAX. LIMIT).

It is essential that the cancellation be communicated to your Travel Agency as soon as the event which causes the cancellation arises.

In the event that the insurance is not signed when the travel reservation is made or within the 24 hours following this, the coverage for cancellation fees shall not have effect.

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