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Tuscany Wines

As it is well-known, Tuscany is also the land of world-famous wines.
Just naming Chianti is to name Tuscany in one's mind. The high quality of the wine produced in Tuscany has also surpassed that of some wines produced outside Tuscany and Italy.
As an example, the recent law allowing wine producers in Italy and Europe to age wine with wood chips instead of in oak barrels has been taken as a true insult by Tuscan wine makers.
As a result, Tuscan wine producers exclusively age their wine in oak barrels.
The consortium feels that inspite of the competitive challenges and economic offset this is a better and healthier way to produce wine.

Chianti is not the only wine in Tuscany, of course. There are some great wines that are aimed at very small markets due to the small quantity produced each year.

It is the case of the great Sassicaia, the all Cabernet wine, extracted, this is the right word, with great care from a very harsh land, all covered in stones (sasso means stone, hence the name), but with the greatest mix of sun exposure, inclination, and mineral composition. In addition, not all grapes make it to the wine press. A specific stage selects only the best grapes and cuts away all the others.
The result is just few thousand bottles each year. However, when you drink one you will taste all the care that has been taken to produce that nectar!

Another great wine is Brunello. Born of four years of aging, at least two of which in oak barrels, this great wine has been dignified as the wine for kings and popes.
The all Sangiovese grapes are grown south of Siena, just outside the Chianti region. The warmer climate, rich with mediterranean influxes, plants and herbs, altogether with limestone and sandy soils produce a strong bodyed and tannic wine.
The unpleasant acidity of a young Brunello will turn into smooth floral nuances after four years of wise aging. A bottle of Brunello should never be aged in upright position to allow the cork to stay moist. In addition, the temperature around the bottled wine should always be constant, with no excessive humidity or any strong odors.
Before serving the Brunello, it is strongly advisable to let the bottle rest upright for a couple of days, to let the sediments sit at the bottom. Let The Brunello oxygenate for a good two hours at room temperature, better if filtered in a decanter. Remember not to shake the bottle, and avoid excessive bubbles when filtering it.

More or less on the same parallel of Brunello, but at higher altitudes, the Nobile di Montepulciano becomes alive in Southern Tuscany.
Montepulciano is one of the highest towns in Tuscany, and its history is bound to that of its wine right from its origins. Born in a wine making land since Etruscan times, the Nobile di Montepulciano takes its name from a poem of Francesco Redi, which declared it the King of all Wines.
The constitutional grapes are 70% Sangiovese, 20% Cannaiolo, while the remainder 10% can be Malvasia, or Cabernet, or occasionally Trebbiano, a white grape.
Aged in oak barrels for two years, the Nobile can also be aged in bottle for another 10 to 15 years without spoiling its organoleptic properties. This full bodyed wine intrigues your tongue with contrasts of berries and sweeter hints, reminding you that meat and cheese are best accompanied by the tannins of Nobile di Montepulciano.

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Food Pairing

Needless to say that all these full bodyed wines are best suited for red meat, aged cheese, smoked fish, and seared vegetables such as mushrooms or artichokes.
The reason is due to the fact that each one of these dishes bares a high content of fat (oils or animal fats) that coat your tongue during the meal. The tannins in the wine wash away this fatty layer, while preparing your tongue to taste the next bite with renewed sensitivity and a great wine buquet.

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