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Tuscany Travel Guide

Flavors of Tuscany!

As most would think of Tuscany when hearing words such as "extra virgin olive oil" or "Chianti", as well as a number of tipical Tuscan recipes, we have decided to expand a little more on this subject.
Our hope is to allow anyone that is interested in visiting Tuscany to have a better idea of the tipical products to find in this poliedric Italian region.

In this section we try to give you a quick idea of the true Tuscan flavors that cannot be missed and that can be brought back home and shared with family and loved ones.
It is important to know what products deserve your attention and which can be left for your next visit. Here you have few pages that will help you with your choice.

In the Tuscany Wines section you will learn of the greatest and most famous wines of Tuscany, such as Brunello, Sassicaia and Chianti.

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In the Tuscany Olive Oil section you will find the various kinds of olive oil (simple, virgin, extra virgin) explained, while a brief description of the various kinds of olive and its derivate oil will also be given.

In the Tuscan Recipes section we will try to give pass onto you the little secrets that matter while preparing a simple traditional Tuscan dish that will allow you to prepare a whole dinner quickly and easily.

In the Tuscan Cheeses section you we will explain just a portion of the tremendous amount of cheeses that are produced in Tuscany since ancient times following the most unthinkable procedures to achieve a quality genuine product.

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